Charitable Giving

Giving Back to the Community

A portion of the proceeds from Presidor gets donated to a very important non-profit organization called Shema Kolainu- Hear Our Voices, a school and center for children with developmental delays, disabilities and autism in New York. Shema Kolainu offers center based and home based programs, early intervention, resources, workshops and more for children and families.

For more information about Shema Kolainu or to help support the mission to help children with disabilities and autism spectrum disorder, please see the website Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices

We also donate to Icare4autism , International Center for Autism Research & Education.Their mission is to catalyze and drive collaborations among institutions around the world seeking to discover the etiology of autism, searching for biologic and environmental causes, and, ultimately, working toward better methods of detecting and treating autism.

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